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I was already reaching for my headphones to immerse myself in musical nirvana for at least twenty minutes of a well-deserved rest, when the door flew open and burst into the room:

- Well, come on, come on, beauty! Seven needed!

Thanks, no more bids! Not! - a sonorous voice shouted over both the players and the music Lenki. It’s not for nothing that she graduated from the pedagogical department, she will have to yell so much in her life. So he trains his voice at the roulette wheel for his future profession.

His Majesty, our slave owner Ai-Petri, appeared at the door, according to Petya's passport - our pit boss, as his semi-official position sounded. Semi-official, because the personnel department went crazy, not knowing how to call us names according to the Labor Code. The labor code has not yet been agreed with the gambling business.

- Selezneva. For blackjack. VIP hall. First. Fast. My paradise ended before it even began.


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